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  1. I am think the best way - to send Gametrix throttles to you via DHL. How many pieces you need? You could make the payment to our account, we will send throttles you. My Skype - kos_nikolay, better talk there
  2. Hi Kos

    Hope you read english. I am from Brazil and our simmers community lack accessible options for SIM controllers.
    X-52 for 350 U$ in black market or 765 U$ in Walmart.

    Rudder pedal we have a model with 8 bit controller from gamepads, low cost pots, for 350 U$.

    We lack option of standalone throttle for combat SIM - IL-2 is majority. So my squad think in build some stand-alone throttle. Electronics based in Mjoy or Joy.01 (PIC) with HALL sensor or maybe MaRS (that I don't understand well).

    I see that you is linked with joystick industry, and maybe you can help me.

    See that gametrix.ru plan sold a stand-alone throttle using case of Chinese clone of X-52.
    My question is, you know if is possible for us buy the same case - without electronics - from China?
    If yes, how I made contact with maker? You have any email? We need in small quantities.

    Thank you.

    Iran F.O.
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